Top Tips For A Wardrobe Detox, Using The 4 D’s

Hiiiiiii! I’m back with another installment of the NYIM (New Year Improved Me) series. This post is the first in the Be More Positive section, where I will go through the method of detoxing and decluttering your life, both the metaphorical and physical, to make it a more positive place.

Before Christmas we all do the ritual clean sweep in the house, to prepare for the tree and host of decorations that will adorn you home for the festive period. After Christmas you are left with the after math of Santa’s visit and lots and lots of cardboard. Going into the new year gives us all a fresh start, so why not start by saying out with the old and in with the improved you.02650ec212c85a5fc782462daa84c6d9

I am a firm believer that a detox/declutter of the home/wardrobe/life works wonders for the soul.

Clutter can be overwhelming, create an uneasy and stressful environment and make daily life harder, which nobody needs. As an anxiety suffer, I find that a cluttered environment can, in turn, create an anxious environment. When I am unable to find something it sparks my anxiety and can bring on a panic attack.

The sense of accomplishment, relief, organisation and an all round more relaxed environment a detox and declutter provides has, over the years, helped to settle my anxiety. And lets face it, its great to just know where things are, right?

So, lets start with the big one shall we……The WARDROBE!

Like everyone, I have always had a wardrobe and chest of drawers bursting with clothes, but could never find something to wear or would circulate the same couple of outfits. Until I said no more!

My top tip to detoxing and decluttering anything is, you have to be cut throat. Don’t let that little voice creep in and say ‘well I might use it/wear it one day’, if you have no immediate/foreseeable use for it, say bye bye. Go on your first instinct and stick to it. 

Remember to ask yourself the 4 D’s when sorting through your garments that are blocking the path to Narnia (aka wardrobe heaven).

  1. Does it go with any thing

  2. Does it still fit

  3. Does it have any damage – ie holes, tears, is the fabric balling or pulled etc

  4. Did you wear it recently

    • Within the last year for seasonal pieces
    • Within the last 6 months for year rounders

Unsure whether to get rid of an item? Simply try it on and ask yourself (yes it involves a lot of talking to yourself, if you are uncomfortable with that ask a friend for support) ‘Would I buy this now’, no = bye bye, yes = back in it goes.

It is a daunting task, but take your time, go section by section using the 4 D’s and before you know it you will start to see order being restored in your wardrobe.

The only exception to the rule are sentimental items. This means wedding dresses, the top you wore on your first date with your hubby/wifey, the dress you wore to your graduation, blanket you took your babies home in, you get the drill.

This DOES NOT MEAN ‘aw I was wearing this that one time we were out and I shifted that lad I fancied for months’ or ‘I wore that when I went on my first trip away from home’. No!

What to do with your Wardrobe Detox Waste?

I like to donate my used to clothes to charity shops or use Saint Vincent DePaul clothes banks, but before I do I tend to ask friends if they fancy a rummage through first. What doesn’t work for you, might work for someone else.

Selling is also an option, with shops offering to buy your unwanted clothes, depop, ebay and local buy & sell groups on Facebook.


Happy Decluttering!


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