Shedding Rose Tinted Glasses – My Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to the first installment of my NYIM (New Year Improved Me) series. For the first post I thought I would look at my ‘Be Healthier and Fitter’ resolution, but before I get to what I’m doing now, I thought why not share with you my weight loss journey and some throwback pictures that sparked me on that journey.

Removing the Rose tinted Glasses

63427_466224795702_7534189_nIn 2010 I saw a picture of myself that shocked me. I was always a fit and slim person, but I loved my grub. I still do! However an unhealthy lifestyle of takeaways, two dinners, copious amounts of alcohol, junk food and absolutely no physical exercise took its toll on my body and unbeknownst to myself my mental health also.

When I saw a picture of my working on a project in college (right), I realised just how much weight I had on and decided then to do something about it. At 5ft 2in and 10 1/2 stone, not to mention E-cup diddies, I looked like a little swollen ball and a shell of my former self. It was the first time I felt my nickname Heffer/Heff had any sort of truth behind it.

I never weighed myself when I  had weight on, but I do believe I reached 11st between 2009-2010, however I always remember my starting weight on my journey.

Now, I know there are a million stories out there of people who have had a worse struggle with weight, but this is my story. I gained a lot of this weight in the space of a year and those pictures, despite finding them funny now, still made me feel ashamed and knocked my confidence.

The Journey

The first step I took was to join Slimming World, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Starting in March 2010 at 10 1/2st I set my target at 8st 5lbs, just over a two stone loss. I got into a good routine with my food and didn’t find the lifestyle plan hard to follow. By the time November came around I had reached my goal.

For those of you unaware of Slimming World, you can find out more about them here

Afraid of falling back into bad habits and regaining the weight, I continued to get weighed each week at Slimming World to keep on track. I did this for a year. Eventually I was feeling confident that this lifestyle change was permanent and decided to part ways with Slimming World.

The next step was turning my attention to my body fat. Yes I was slimmer and down a clothes size, or two depending on the clothes, but I wasn’t feeling fitter. I joined a gym, but never really stuck to it. The old tale of a another wasted gym membership…and money.

A few years on, in 2015, that determination I had to shed the weight kicked in again and I decided to challenge myself, by signing up for an 8-week challenge.

The challenge was tough, the diet and lack of carbs were tough, but the results were amazing. Starting the challenge weighing 56kg (8st 8lbs) with 23% bodyfat, I completed it 4kg’s (8lbs) lighter at 51kg (8st) and on 16% bodayfat Unfortunately after I injured my knee it ruled me out of the gym for a while and I lost the muscle I worked so hard to build.

Before my trip to Florida last year I went back and did the 8 week challenge again, but the results weren’t the same, thanks to my knee hindering me. An excuse maybe! For some reason I never got back into my normal routine of eating healthy meals and. No, I slipped and ate anything that was convenient.

Do you know what is convenient? The KFC around the corner from me or the 100 takeaways available at the click of a button online, not to mention bread, no toast to be precise with lashings of butter.

Present Day

Before Christmas I got lazy. Lazy with my food, hello takeaways, and lazy with the gym, as in I didn’t go. My clothes began to feel tight, I was/am sluggish, my skin is regularly breaking out and I felt constantly bloated. So before I rang in the New Year I weighed myself.

I had put on a stone.

I have never let myself go this badly since seeing that picture back in 2010. Currently I weight 9 1/2st and dread to think what my bodyfat percentage is.  I know some of you reading will be saying, ‘But that’s not heavy’, no it’s a perfectly normal weight to be. BUT I am not comfortable in my body, I am not comfortable with my clothes not fitting me, I am not comfortable and I am not confident at this weight.

Everyone carries weight differently, what works for some may not work for others.

So, I have started my 2017 as I mean to go on. My meals are being prepped, I’ve rejoined the gym and I’ve set out my goals.

At the beginning, weight loss is my focus, but after a month or two I will shift focus from the scales to my bodayfat, because I not only want to shift the festive weight, I want to get fit, lean and strong aka healthy.

We all have our own body insecurities. They are ours, no one else’s and we should not be judged for having them. Remember you are the only one who can make that change. Have faith in yourself and start small.

I’m back to little weights, unable to run or even walk for more than 10mins without getting out of breath and feeling like I’m about to pass out. Every weight-loss/fitness journey starts the same, with pain (lots of muscle pain, STRETCH loads), apprehension, doubt and some anxiety.

Be positive. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up.



Oh and for those of you wondering, I know you are. No I didn’t lose anything on my diddies, still an E-cup. Unfortunately Mary Kate and Back Ache are here to stay.

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