Roses of Tralee Bare All For Body Positivity!

Beauty is only skin deep?

Me and my Roses Sisters say it is SO MUCH MORE!!

As the 2017 Roses of Tralee, my Rose sisters and I took a stance for Body Positivity on Monday, by sharing our make up free, filter free selfies on social media.

A move that left many of us anxious, nervous and reluctant, but proved to be empowering.

The idea was birthed by the South Australian Rose Aoife Bradley, my wonderful roommate from Tralee. As Roses we become role models for our Rose Buds, future Roses, young women around the world and representatives of the Rose of Tralee Festival.

In a world where you can change how you look with a couple of taps on a screen, where there are societal pressures to ‘look’ a certain way, where beauty can seem to mean only one thing and where people present a sometimes unrealistic version of themselves online because of this, we decided to remind people just what BEAUTY really is.

I have fallen victim into feeling inadequate or ugly because I don’t look like a model or like a girl I’ve seen on Instagram. I’ve struggled with my hair loss, my acne and how I look in general. I still do!

I’m not alone however, when sharing our pictures, many of my fellow Roses voiced their own insecurities, be it uneven skin tone, acne scarring, dark circles, their eyebrows….you name it.

In spite of these insecurities we all echoed one thing, that it isn’t what you LOOK like that makes you BEAUTIFUL it is WHO YOU ARE!

After seeing my beautiful Roses on Monday, stripped bare, I once again felt proud and hounoured to be part of this 2017 Rose of Tralee family.

So, in addition to our makeup free Monday posts, I asked my fellow Roses to tell me what beauty means to them.

In one word, what is beauty or what makes people beautiful.

Here’s what they had to say,

hanks for everything (1)hanks for everything (3).pnghanks for everything (4).pnghanks for everything (5).pnghanks for everything (9)Newfoundland_ and Labrador

It is natural to have insecurities, but allowing those insecurities to take over your life, knock your confidence or make you feel like less of the beautiful person you are, is what we are standing against.

One of the reason why we all entered the Rose of Tralee was because it is about celebrating independent, intelligent, strong Irish women. It doesn’t judge you on what you look like, but who you are! Deep down that’s all we ever want, is to be accepted for WHO WE ARE.

Beauty is and will always be only skin deep!


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