7 Deadly Sins Of The Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank Holiday weekends are those glorious occurrences that give you a mini holiday from work and routine life, but are they actually all they are cracked up to be?

Here’s 7 deadly sins we all commit during a long weekend and why they are in fact the devil!

1. Envy

Surfing social media in your dungeon of a room, nursing a delicate head is never a good idea. Every normal adult is of out having fun family days or beautiful adventures in the Irish countryside, while you’re lying in a pool of regret and a sea of solpadeine,


2. Sloth

Whether you had planned to paint the decking, get some DIY jobs done or type up some blog posts, it never happens. You put it off until ‘tomorrow’ because you have THREE whole days off and are having a ‘lazy day’.


3. Wrath 

Injuries are inevitable when you drink your body weight over the weekend. Let’s just hope they aren’t anything too serious or permanent, because you have to adult soon.


The June Bank Holiday weekend was a scorcher and perfect weather for BBQs and beer gardens. Irish people as a whole have an aversion to sun cream which undoubtedly resulted in farmers tans, peeling skin and sun stroke. Another fun result of the good weather is hayfever.


4. Pride (lack of)

It’s Sunday and you’re still quite tender from Friday’s antics, so you finally admit to yourself that you are simply too old for a three-day session.

5. Greed

Quick tip for the Bank Holiday weekend, leave the bank card at home! Waking up to receipts upon receipts with the dreaded words ‘cashback’ on them only add to the hangover.

im poor

6. Gluttony

Hangovers and eating clean don’t mix! A long weekend filled with hangovers are even more detrimental to your quest for a summer bod.food

7. Fear

Bank Holiday weekends are riddled with ‘THE FEAR’. The Fear of what you did the night before. The Fear of being tagged in less than complimentary or compromising pictures. Then there is the worst Fear of all, work on Tuesday morning, queue sleepless night.

There is no escaping the Fear.

GOT Scream

On the plus, we survived it, made some lasting memories and have only four days until it’s the weekend again!

shake your tits

AJ x

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