Lockdown Self Care Tips

Self Care in 2020 has become much more important as we try to navigate through life during a global pandemic.
COVID and the isolation it brought with it has really impacted not only our physical health but our mental health as many of us are forced to stay home and isolate as a result of Lockdowns or for health reasons.

I’m a huge advocate in the power of Self Care but I wanted to gain some perspective from those who have also been suck in the longest lockdown in the world in Melbourne because I’ve noticed a few who have become masters of it.

I have personally struggled with my mental health throughout lockdown in Melbourne. I constantly felt like I was experiencing two different lockdowns, the one here in Melbourne where I live and the one my loved ones back in Ireland are facing. That added worry did begin to pile up.

While I admire some of the adventurous self-care routines I’ve seen people indulge in, for me Self Care most days was getting out of bed, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed.

On my better days, I might pop on some makeup, do my hair, and lather on some tan, Oh and cleaning! This for me is always a sure-fire way to make things seem less daunting and more positive.

Self Care doesn’t need to be a big activity or something productive, it can be as simple as taking time to sit and have a cuppa in peace. Quiet reflection can be all we need to gain a new perspective, fight off those dark clouds, and look forward to the day/week ahead.

Self Care is exactly that, time to take care of yourself because you deserve to put you first!


Here’s what my fellow Melbourians had to say when I asked them for their Top Lockdown Self Care tips!



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