Top Kevin Murphy Products for Thin Hair

I have recently fallen in love with Kevin Murphy, I know where have I been!

Being a Balding Beauty using new products on my hair is always daunting and to be honest triggering. When my hair started to fall out and I was desperately trying to find anything to save it without having to talk to anyone, I tried every lotion and potion going, they all left me feeling even more deflated and hopeless than before. Except of course my hair make up.

I have been using a selection of Kevin Murphy’s Thickening and Volumising range for the past couple of months, I cannot get enough of the results.




PLUMPING.WASH is a densifying shampoo that gives the appearance of thicker and fuller looking hair by creating volume without weighing down your hair. You only need a small amount to give your hair and scalp a thorough wash. I do recommend rinsing this through your hair twice, especially if you use and form of hair makeup or scalp sprays.

This shampoo not only leaves your scalp clean, your hair soft, and shiny but it also stimulates the circulation in your scalp which can promote hair growth.

Do I think this will create any new hair growth for me, NO? However, I wash my hair twice a week at most unless I have an event that requires a fresh do, maybe with more regular use, it would promote new hair growth.

The hair I lost, I lost a long time ago now and I have come to terms with the fact that it will probably never come back BUT does this shampoo help turn my hair from limp and lifelessly into lively and luscious locks, YES.

The main take away from using this shampoo is that it helps create and maintain healthy hair while also giving the appearance of thicker hair. Like all Kevin Murphy products, this also smells absolutely divine, which is an added bonus.


BODY.MASS is, in my opinion, the MVP of the Thickening range (that I have tried). This is a leave-in plumping conditioning treatment that creates body with minimal blow-drying brush skills required. Honestly, if you are not good at using a brush to help create some body in your hair then this is the product for you. Even my OH has noticed the difference in my hair after using BODY.MASS before blowdrying.

Another noticeable effect of BODY.MASS is the visible body in your hair two or three days after you have washed it. Being a Balding Beauty my hair can lose all volume and life once I sleep on it which is disheartening if you have spent ages creating that volume with a hairdryer and brush.

The crown and front of my hair is where I’m at my thinnest (baldest) but this magic spray keeps my hair looking fuller for longer, I feel like I’ve regrown hair, even though I haven’t.

There’s some extremely interesting science behind BODY.MASS as it has been created using eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, but please don’t go spray it on your lashes! It also helps fight follicle aging, strengthens and repairs hair, encourages healthy hair growth, and even offers heat protection.

I’ve used many products that have been marketed like BODY.MASS has but none have impressed me like this. One of my favourite things about BODY.MASS is that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling too coarse like some plumping/body building sprays.

Top Tip: All you need are one or two spritzes in towel-dried hair along your roots and scalp – if you are too heavy-handed you hair will matt  You can also combine the FULL.AGAIN and STAYING.ALIVE  with the PLUMPING.RINSE conditioner to complete this thickening trio combination.


There are a few products n this range I have my eye on testing, ahem POWDER.PUFF, it also offers ANGEL.RINSE/WASH a thicking/volumizing shampoo and conditioner for fine coloured hair which may be your go-to over the PLUMPING.WASH if you dye your hair. (Due to my hair situation, or lack thereof, I don’t dye my hair)


BODY.BUILDER is a volumising Mousse that does exactly what it says on this tin. If you are not looking to splash out on the Thicken duo I mentioned above, have shorter hair or your not a balding beauty you just want voluptuous locks for a night out or event then BODY.BUILDER is your product.

Like all Mousee products, a little goes a long way, but unlike all mousse products, this is a buildable mousse. You can apply as much as you like (don’t go overboard) to create more volume and body.

Despite what it says on the tin, I would not if you have thin hair recommend, being too liberal with this product. I know your thinking, but it says “without fear of crunch” look I’ve been scared as a former curly-haired (RIP my curls and hair) girl in the 90’s so maybe I’m being cautious.

From my experience, being a Balding Beauty too much product is never a good thing for gaining volume or body, but again it may depend on your hair. My remaining hair is very light so I generally air on the side of caution when applying products.

My only issue with BODY.BUILDER is the nozzle is not very effective, in fact it’s messy to dispense this mousse. Even after shaking it like a polaroid picture I was still getting sprays in every direction or water squirts that would then form into mousse-y foam.

Top Tip: Apply to towel-dried hair, comb through and blow dry – don’t leave it to long being applying and blow-drying, we want to avoid any tension combing and drying our hair.   



It wouldn’t be a Thin Hair products post without mentioning the OG volumising bosting (Lazy Bish) product Dry Shampoo! FRESH.HAIR Dry Cleaning Spray Shampoo is one of my favorite smelling Kevin Murphy products.

It’s made with Tangerine Peel Oil which gives it the most divine citrusy smell that reminds me almost of Drumstick sweets. I know drumstick sweets arent citrus but look I smell what I smell 🙂 

Not only does it smell amazing, but it also refreshes, revitalises and freshens up dull and dirty hair with a few sprays. Like all Dry Shampoos, it will coat your hair in white dry shampoo goodness which you then gently rub into your hair and brush through.

For my Balding Beauties, this is a lifesaver if you have lost volume throughout the day or after a night out on the tiles.

Top Tip: Like I need yo give you dry shampoo tips, but the best one I like to regurgitate is, pop it in your hair the night before and sleep in it for fresh morning hair

Disclaimer: Use of the may render FRESH.HAIR obsolete (JK!)

All products mentioned are Sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free and are available at



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