Online Shopping Tips & Tricks

In the current Isolated and restricted climate, we are shopping online more than ever with some consumers taking to online shopping for the very first time. As an avid online shopper, I thought I would share my Tips and Tricks for shopping online, successfully.

Know you Rights

Before locking into purchasing online always check the company’s returns policy, is it free returns, 30days from the date of purchase or date of receipt, can you exchange online (for most this is a no) or in-store (If they have a store).

Delivery times can vary from company to company, especially in this climate, so always check the updated delivery section.

Most policies can be found at the bottom of the page of each website.

Insiders Tip! Most delivery times are from the date of dispatch, not the date the order was placed.



For most first time online shoppers there is the added fear of your personal banking details being forked out to a company you have never shopped with before.

To ease any of these fears simply set up a Paypal account – they encrypt our personal data to give you that added security blanket when shopping online

PSSSST – Paypal also offer to refund returns shipping costs (there is a refund cap at €30) so there’s an added bonus to shopping safely



Quality is always a big concern for people anyone who shops online as you cannot touch, feel, or inspect the products ie clothes.

When it comes to clothes my top trick to sussing our whether an item will be top quality or bargain basics is to use the images and most importantly the videos provided on the website.

Most clothing websites offer a video of the model wearing the clothes. This allows you to see the actual fit of the item if it is super see-through and the overall quality of the material. The rule is if it doesn’t fit or look well on the model, it ain’t going to look good on you.

Shoes should always be of good quality! Use the product description to decipher what material they are made of this will give you an indication of quality (and fit). Always check out the faulty assessment procedure for shoes also.

Most shoes do not have a warranty but a company will conduct either an in-store (always best and quickest) or an online faulty assessment on an item that may not be up to standard.


Expectations Check! – Know the website you are shopping on also, it if its a bargain site you know the quality is not going to be the same as a high-end clothing site – manage your expectations

*Faulty Assessment is where a company will inspect a product with a potential manufacturing fault, should a fault be deemed as present a refund/exchange will be offered. Faulty Assessments are either conducted in-store by a manager on online via the Customer Care team. All you will need are the shoes and proof of purchase (a bank statement should be fine)


I touched on this in the quality section and yes the video and images are the best indications if something will fit. If, like me, you are not one size all over. I’ve big boobs a small waist and larger hips meaning a size 8 fit is not always the best option for me.

For big diddie ladies, the best advice I can give is to know what style will fit you. I steer clear from plunging necklines, anything with boned/structured cupped outlining or corsetted but if you simply have to have it – size up and get it altered to fit you not the other way around!

Another key tip is to inspect the images and product descriptions to see if there is a zip or button clasp. The location of this can be key to getting the right fit. For me, a side zip could be the reason for a return if I don’t size up (pesky diddies!). Zips on the back, depending on the neckline and material are normally ok.

If in doubt ladies and gents – size up and alter. 


Most sites now offer a curve section now – FINALLY!!! – meaning us ladies who are one size on the hips and another on the waist this range has been made for us. Skirts can be a pain point for me especially if they are denim so I always stick to the curve range because the fit allows for a little junk in the trunk.

Still worried? A lot of people purchase two sizes in the same style if they are in dire need of an outfit for an event but are still concerned about the fit – I say go for it BUT always know your refund options and the policy first!

*Top Tip: Most online stores don’t have a free returns policy. If you are purchasing online from a brand who also have bricks & mortar stores, these stores should accept online exchanges/returns. Note: Online Paypal purchases may not be facilitated in-store due to Paypal’s encryption of your personal data


Stock levels constantly fluctuate – just because an item is in your cart waiting to be purchase does not mean it will be there come final checkout. It’s the name of the game in online shopping I’m afraid.

You aren’t just battling with Nancy and Bridie for the last super savers deal, you have the whole parish and their kid’s fight to secure that bargain.


Oversells are a cruel cruel part of online shopping – what this means is that there have been a few orders placed at the same time for the same stock however when it came time for the orders to be assigned stock the stock has since run out. It sucks, it’s disappointing but it can happen, unfortunately.

The good news is most online retailers will offer a cheeky discount along with your oversell refund.


Online shopping means there is literally everything you could ever want need and simply buy cause its there, ready for the taking.

I personally spend hours scrolling around my favorite online clothes shops looking at new styles/old styles and sale items.


If you can’t be bothered scrolling through the thousands of items, most websites have easily sectioned out their products according to style/occasion/fit they even have an Instagram section so you can shop your favorite fashions bloggers looks.

Have an idea of what you want? The search bar is your friend! You can search by colour/style/size/price making it sooo much easier to find the perfect piece for your wardrobe.

Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe 

Subscribing up for email alerts means you are always on top of the latest sales and discounts – you may even get a birthday discount code to splurge on the big day.

It’s Up To You!

The details entered at checkout are up to you. Always make sure before the final checkout that your details are correct. Is the address right? Email a .com or .con? Is the size selected correctly? Quantity 1, 2 or strangely 3?


These are all details that may not be altered after the order has been placed. If they can it normally means getting in touch with the company or the courier and who needs that hassle?

Don’t let muscle memory get the better of you and Triple-check everything is correct before hitting complete/pay now! It makes life easier for everyone!

I hope these tips and tricks help guide you through your next online purchase and makes it a roaring success! 
If you have any top online shopping tips or tricks please be sure to share them in the comments so we can help each other have a better shopping experience. 


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