Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel with Studio 58 Beauty- Review

I have always struggled with my skin. Even now at 29 I have problematic skin with regular acne breakouts, large pours, redness and some scarring. Granted I haven’t always taken the best care of my skin, but in 2019 where information is so readily available and as part of my news years promises to myself I wanted to take the first step in giving myself skin I would be proud to bare make up.

The first step? Chemical Peels! After seeing Studio 58 Beauty’s Chemical Peel offer for a course of 3 for €130 including LED Blue Light therapy I booked in for the first available appointment.



I was suffering from a very painful breakout before my first peel.

The Cost

Studio 58 Beauty have an offer of a course of three with LED Blue Light Therapy for €130 running until the end of February. However after February a course of three chemical peels will cost €130 just without the LED Blue Light Therapy. A course of 5 is usually recommended and a single Chemical Peel costs €50. Should you wish to add on the LED light therapy this will come at an additional cost of €30 per peel.

The Benefits

Gylcolic Chemical Peels are perfect for a all types of skin, from combination, acne prone, sun damaged, texturised skin. However those with sensitive skin it may not be a suitable treatment for.


  • Dry Skin
  • Dull Complextion
  • Sun Damage
  • Superficial Pigmentation
  • Fine Line and Wrinkles
  • Acne and Enlarged Pores

It uses a combination of a low percentage of Glycolic and Malic aside which safely exfoliates and tightens the skin, causing a brighter complexion.

Other ingredients Include:

  • GDL
  • Witch Hazel
  • Lime Blossom

Glyco Peels speed up cell turnover, seeing you shed a layer of skin quicker. It unclog pores and also bring your skin back to its normal PH Balance, which decreases the chances of acne breakouts.

The Malic acid in the peel promotes collagen production which combats fine lines and wrinkles, acne scaring, rosacea and age spots..

*for a more detailed explanation check out my Q&A with Claire from Studio 58 Beauty.

The Process

  1. Cleanse and prep the skin
  2. Apply the Chemical Peel, there are two strengths available at Studio 58 Beauty, you will begin on the weaker strength and progress to the stronger one throughout the course.
  3. Apply Anti Oxidant gauze mask
  4. Restorative mask, which brings the skin back to its normal PH balance
  5. Blue LED Light Therapy, aids in clearing acne bacteria
  6. Apply SPF

Time-lapse of the process

After Care

Unlike some peels or treatments, there is no recovery or ‘down time’. However some advice the ladies in Studio 58 Beauty gave me was:

  • No Make up for at least 8hours. A light application of mineral make up if you must wear some. 
  • No heavy sweating/gym for 2-3 days, you don’t want to re-clog pores. 
  • SPF SPF SPF SPF, make sure you are applying SPF everyday to protect your skin
  • Ensure you are using a good moisturiser, skin will shed throughout the process
  • You can lightly exfoliate on the third day (I use Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant)

Check out my Q&A Video with Clare from Studio 58 Beauty has more details on after care. 


Chemical Peel Number 1

My skin was G L O W I N G after my first of 3 chemical peels with Studio 58 Beauty

I’ve never felt my skin as soft as it was after my first peel. My bad breakout was noticeably calmer (less angry) and over the coming days begun to cleared.


One Week after first peel


Chemical Peel Number 2

A LOT of ny redness had been visibly reduced and once again my skin was left glowing after.
We went up a strength this peel and aside from some extra tingling along my jawline, I barely felt a thing.

The anti-oxidant gauze mask completely calms it down and soothes your skin.
I experienced some mild texture along my jaw 24hrs after peel that took a couple of days to disappear. I also had some shedding in the following days as a result of upping the strength. Id recommend a good moisturiser and a light exfoliation on day 4 after your peel.

Chemical Peel Number 2

Directly After Third Peel

I have honestly never seen my skin look so good or felt this confident in itI genuinely didn’t expect the results to be this good.

Overall my redness has been reduced, my acne breakout has been cleared and my pores minimized, visibly! I used to wake to white heads most morning and this has stopped throughout my course of peels.

I still experience some small spots, but they clear in half the time. The instant glow is mesmerizing but the long term results are amazing.

Makeup may sit a little strange on your skin a couple of days after your peel but I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the oiliness of my skin, longevity and overall finish of my makeup.

Most importantly I am a million times happier and more confident in my natural skin!

If you still have some questions about the Glycolic Chemical Peel, make sure to check out my Q&A video with Studio 58 Beauty where we answer your most asked questions. 


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