Christmas Gift Guide – Last Minute Shopping Guide & Tips

It’s the final countdown to Christmas day and that means we have only a few precious days and evenings left to finish the Christmas shopping! The shops are all opening late, so there is no excuse to be a last-minute Christmas Eve shopper, especially when I’m here to provide my final gift guide.

Pretty PJ’s 

As Irish people we are born with a borderline psychotic obsession with our pyjamas, some even go as far as wearing them all day long, having ‘going out pyjamas’ to wear to the shops. It seems we may have been onto to something as clothing brands even have pyjama ‘style’ outfits now.

Pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns (or house coats) are an old-reliable gift to pick up for literally any Irish person, male, female and non-binary.

The best thing about buying pj’s is unlike clothes where you NEED to avoid insulting the receiver by buying the wrong (bigger) size, if you size up you’ve probably hit the nail on the head because no one likes pj’s stuck to them. They must feel like a blanket hugging every lump, bump and roll you have to offer.

Gadgets & Gizmos

3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Gadgets are a tricky one, will the receiver use it, do they need it, is it the right fit for the make of their phone, tablet or laptop? Firstly, ask yourself if you would use the gadget in question, if yes then chances are your loved one or friends will too.

Try to find out the make of their phone before buying any phone cases or accessories. Remember iPhones cannot use normal headphones, they will need a jack adapter (Argos) or headphones with a 3.5mm jack.

Trending Gadget; Wireless headphones are the new must have gadget. You don’t need to break the bank, or your back looking for them, because good ole Penneys have them for €13.

Cute Candles

In every gift guide I do, I always mention candles. Why? Well for one candles burn, it’s what they are made to do, so they run out, or burn out. That candle you bought you mam last year is long gone, the one you got for your friend’s birthday in September has a tealight in it cause the jar is pretty.

Secondly, there is just something about candles that make them the perfect go-to gift for someone. They are calming, look nice and make your home smell good.

However, choosing a scent can be difficult. Unless you know the receivers favourite smellies, stick to scents that aren’t overpowering like rose, clove, fig, French vanilla or anything sweet (cherry, strawberry etc).

Top tip for buying candles, always check the burn time! If it retails at €30 but only has a burn time of €20 hours, it isn’t worth your hard-earned cash!

Dundalk FC

OK so this section is obviously for my native Dundalkians, or anyone who’d like to support Dundalk I guess. Dundalk is the home of football and Dundalk FC, any native of ‘Da Town’ would be happy with one of the clubs many Christmas goodies. There’s something for everyone from jerseys and jackets, hats and scarves, DFC teddy bears and baby away kits even a boxed tie and cuff links set. All available on their online shop.

My top picks are the DFC Full Zip Fleece Jacket €65, DFC Technical Zip Polo €40 and DFC Scarf €10. 


If you are one of the lucky few to be gifted the Dundalk FC limited edition retro 1988 jersey, you must have been a very good person this year and I am extremely jealous!

Looking for further shopping inspiration? Make sure to check out my Penneys Gift Guide on my Instagram highlights @aweirdheff. I’ve created the perfect gift guide for anyone looking to make Penneys their one stop shop for their final Christmas shopping needs. Simply, screenshot the gift, go in, dash, grab, pay and voilà Christmas made easy.

For the final time…….Happy shopping!


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