Christmas Gift Guide – Gift Sets Dos, Donts and Top Picks

The Late Late Toy Show is over for another year, but that means Christmas is just beginning. Now we are into December the countdown is really on to the big C. If you have yet to start your Christmas shopping let this serve you as a friendly and festive reminder to START!!

There is nothing worse than leaving all of your Christmas shopping until the last minute, when shops are at their busiest, people are stressed and highly strung and stock is running out. Bank balance permitting, its time to make your own list and check it twice.

Buying for someone else can be a difficult and stressful task so I’m going to try and guide or inspire those of you who are feeling the pressure of picking the perfect gift.

I’ve done a couple of these gift guides throughout my time writing this column so naturally there will be some overlap or repetition, but as gift giving goes sometimes you can’t beat the old reliable.

Gift Sets – The Do’s & Don’ts

Gift sets are an easy sell at Christmas time but sometimes they aren’t the best bang for your buck. I know that 90% of you reading this still have some odd rose scented body lotion tucked away in your press from Christmas five years ago. Most sets are based around one key product and then other filler products that the recipient will never make any use of.

What makes a bad gift set?

Firstly, if it’s a brand name you never heard of steer clear. Especially when it comes to make up or skincare products.

Are they full size products in the set or travel size? Some packaging doesn’t allow you to see the products inside so always check the back to see what you are actually paying for.

Before buying ask yourself, will the recipient use two out of three products in this set, if yes then off you pop and tap that card, if no then its back to the socks and pj’s idea.

Celebrity gift sets are a big no no. Beyonce doesn’t use that body lotion in her latest Christmas, David Beckham has never used that gel or aftershave. Don’t fall into the trap of a celeb endorsement, they’re normally awful products.

A ‘homemade’ gift set might be the way to go!

Your local chemist is a one stop shop for all your gift set needs. If you can’t find a set that suits your gift giving needs, most chemists will happily put together something for you. It’s a great service to avail of. This way you can chose exactly what goes into it and more importantly control the price point.

My top three gift set selections would be:

1.For women Bellamianta 3 Piece Luxury Tanning gift set . 

I prefer the Dark lotion! Set includes: a full size Dark Self Tanning Tinted Lotion, a travel size Skin Perfecting Instant Tan and a Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt. Pricepoint: €28 approx

2. For the home Yankee Candle Discovery set.

Set includes; 8 drawers filled with jars, wax melts and votive candles. Scents:  Christmas Magic Small Jar Candle, The Perfect Tree Small Jar Candle, Spiced White Cocoa Votive, Christmas Cookie Votive, Red Apple Wreath Votive, Christmas Garland Votive, Star Anise & Orange Votive, Christmas Eve Votive, Crackling Wood Fire Wax Melt, Berry Trifle Wax Melt, Macaron Treats Wax Melt, Winter Glow Wax Melt, Christmas Memories Wax Melt & Cranberry Ice Wax Melt. Pricepoint: €45 approx

3. For men Fatface Bath, Body and Socks gift set (smells divine!).

Set Includes: Socks, Invigorating body wash and Invigorating body spray, both scented with black pepper, pimento and eucalyptus. Pricepoint: €16 approx

*PSA – please for the love of all that is good in this world, avoid LYNX AFRICA!!!!!!

Christmas has become a bit of a spectacle and I think we do need to remember its not about the amount of gifts someone gets for you or what the price tags that were badly scratched off say. For me I am just happy to know that someone was thinking of me. To know that someone saw something that made them think of me, is heart-warming.


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