Black Friday Buying Guide

It’s Black Friday week and already some shops have revealed their discounts and bargains. As we all prepare to hunt down the best buy and biggest bargain to make the Christmas spend a little less expensive or to simply treat yourself, I’ve prepared my ultimate Black Friday buying guide.

Make a wishlist!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose focus when trawling through rails of clothes or online. My best advice is to know exactly what you are hunting for. Make a list of those items or gifts and focus on bagging them first.

More literally, make a wishlist online so you have you items tucked away ready to add to basket on the big day.


While you’re in the process of making your Black Friday wishlist, make sure you create a budget of how much you want to spend or can actually spend. It’s easy to fall into the discount shopping trap, but Black Friday is all about smart shopping and savings.

Sign up for emails

Most stores have begun dripping out their discount codes, but if you aren’t signed up for emails then you may miss out on them. It also allows you to plan your shopping spree with ease, making for a more efficient day of spending.

Shop Online

Work may just prevent you from hitting the shops in person, so check for online alternatives. Most local businesses have websites with the same Black Friday discounts applying throughout. Another benefit of shopping online is you can have your items tucked away in your wishlist ready to add to cart as soon as the big discount is revealed, saving you the disappointment of missing out on sizes. Plus you avoid the crazy Black Friday crowds.

Don’t wait until Friday

Yes some of the best deals are on the big day, but as most stores have started pre-Black Friday sales, the items you are longing for may have already gone out of stock. Wednesday is a great day to get out and suss out pricing and stock.

Know what it costs!

Some Black Friday price cuts aren’t all as they seem, so it is a savvy move to know exactly how much a product costs before the ‘discount’ has been applied. Check the original sticker on the item if possible.

Shop about

Don’t fall for the ’HALF PRICE’ hype, some products have already been sold at an inflated price which could have easily been purchased cheaper by simply shopping about before any discounts have been ‘applied’.

Check the Returns Policy

If you are buying electrical items, make sure you check the returns policy and warranty with the seller. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a TV but the volume doesn’t work or a Video Game that’s scratched beyond repair or use.

It’s time to sell

Black Friday isn’t just about buying and bargains, it’s also an opportune time to clear out your wardrobe or home of unused and unloved items in need of a new home.

Depop is a great app where you can buy and sell used items. I will be hosting my own Depop Black Friday, so check out @aweirdheff if you are on the lookout for some gowns, shoes, dresses and more! 

I’ll be sharing some of my top bargain picks and discounted items throughout the week on my social media so make sure you are following AoifeJane on Facebook and @aweidheff on Instagram for updates.

Happy Shopping and if you miss out on that deal, remember Cyber Monday is next week!


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Facebook: AoifeJane
Snapchat: aweirdheff

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