Tips & Tricks for a Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! It’s Halloween, time to think up your best costume, ladies that doesn’t mean you can just put ‘sexy’ in front of something, men avoid all offensive/sensitive topics, however relevant or funny.

It’s one of my favourite times of the year to celebrate, but it doesn’t come without its warnings. No I’m not talking about ‘this film may contain scenes of violence….’, more like fireworks aren’t toys and cause severe burns.

Here are some tips to ensure you have a fun filled Halloween with no lasting damage. Unless you watch scary films or attend one of the many frightening events on in the town then I can’t help you, it’s your own fault for thinking you were brave enough, buy a night light and a teddy.

Trick Or Treat!

Halloween is all about dressing up and going around the houses demanding sweets from your neighbours or trick or treating for short. It’s also when the evenings have become darker and colder.  Parents and children, make sure that you have a high-vis vest or reflector on, you can incorporate it into your costume, or carry a small torch so that you can see and be seen.


My fondest childhood memories are watching a fireworks display safely through my kitchen window. One of my least favourite Halloween memories is frantically running to hide from fireworks that some ejit thought was funny to light off in the middle of the street or throw at you. Fireworks are dangerous and illegal so stick to the sparklers.

Dress Up

Dressing up is the best part of Halloween, but don’t wear flammable costumes. If you are going out on the town in fancy dress, you will, whether you smoke or not, end up in the smoking area. Do not wear anything flammable out. Wigs, Wings, Capes, Masks and other elements of costumes can be highly flammable so be sure to check what you are putting on you to avoid your night out become a trip to the hospital.

Coloured Contacts Horror

As someone who wore contact lenses to actually see for most of their lives, before I got laser eye surgery (read all about it here), take it from me when I say do not put cheap coloured contacts into your eye. Contacts lenses in general are not good for your eyes and can cause scarring as well as infections. Cheap coloured contacts from the pound shop will almost certainly leave you with issues, not to mention they will not be lubricated properly making them a horror to put in and keep in.

If you do want to go all out with coloured contact lenses, go to the opticians to purchase and do not fall asleep with them in.

Protecting Pets

Halloween is always an unnerving time for animals and pet owners. I for one own hate letting my cat Glenn Coco (#yougoglenncoco) out around Halloween, therefore I am trying to limit his time outside once it gets dark.

Don’t keep you pets outdoors during Halloween. Fireworks and the general heightened noise will irritate and upset your pet. Take them in earlier than normal and show them a bit of extra care and attention.

Be careful when leaving pets around naked flames unattended.  Remember not to try to scare your pet whilst dressed in a mask or scary Halloween make up, it could provoke them into lashing out. Remind kids to also be respectful of pets whilst dressed up.

As always, don’t give your pets chocolate. Ensure to keep your Halloween treats out of the reach of prying paws.

Have fun, get scared, eat sweets, carve a pumpkin, watch Hocus Pocus and be safe! Happy Halloween!

All photos taken at Fitzpatricks Halloween event


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