Studio 58 Beauty – DIBI MILANO Pure Equaliser Treatment Review

I’ve been having some skin issues of late. As in, I’ve had a series of very sore, very large break outs along my chin, cheeks and nose. The joys of adult acne and hormones huh?!

Studio 58 Beauty very kindly came to my rescue and invited me in to try their DIBI MILANO Pure Equaliser facial, which is specifically formulated to combat problematic skin.

DIBI MILANO are a relatively new range to Ireland, that boasts they are a, ‘Beauty solution where technological innovation (the equipment), scientific research (the products)and experience (the place and the beauty ambassador) come together to guarantee maximum effectiveness for a personalized method and program.’ so I was excited to try out their facial and some of their products, here’s how I got on.

Emma Jane Lambe, who owns Studio 58 Beauty, was my consultant for the day. Before the treatment began Emma Jane did a full consultation and skin analysis. Some of the key tips and outcomes were to:

  • Avoid Dairy
  • Wash brushes regularly
  • Have 2-3 foundation brushes to use in rotation especially when suffering from breakouts
  • Change Pillowcases regularly
  • Switch to mineral foundation

*this is specific to my acne prone skin so may not be relevant to your skin needs

The Treatment

The DIBI MILANO Pure Equalizer treatment is for problematic and combination skin and aims to purify the skin through re-balancing products and actions.

There are five products used throughout the treatment which aim to limit the over-production of sebum, to restore the uniformity of the protective surface layer of skin (hydrolipidic film) and to reduce the manifestations of skin inflammation.

They Are:

  • PURIFIYNG CLEANSING POWDER 2 IN 1 – A cleansing powder you mix with water to form a paste and apply to the skin. I was giving a bottle of this product to try at home and will have a dedicated review once I have used it.
  • BIPHASIC ASTRINGENT TONER – Bi-phase toning lotion that purifies and tightens the pores. Mattifies the skin and has sebum-absorbing powders which aid in minimizing pores.
  • MATTIFYING BIOCELLULOSE MASK – This mask re-balances the sebum production and refines skin texture.
  • BLEMISH “ELIMINATOR” – An anti-blemish treatment,  which speeds up the disappearance of spots and blemishes whilst reducing redness.
  • MOISTURIZING MATTIFYING FLUID +24H – Mattifying moisturizer, that is specifically for combination and oily skin. Minimises pores and mattifies skin for 24hours.

Firstly your skin is cleaned and treated with the Cleansing Powder and Biphasic Astingent Toner then the mattifying biocellulose mask is applied for 20 minutes. Next Steam is applied to the skin to open pores and make extraction of black heads etc easier. Emma Jane had her work cut out for her during this section!.

In the final stages of the treatment the Blemish Eliminator mask is applied to soothe the skin and speed up blemish disappearance. (this smells amazing). Lastly the moisturizing mattifying fluid is gentle rubbing into the skin, neck and décolletage.

The Cost 

It costs €65 with Studio 58 Beauty and lasts approx 1hr 15mins.

My Experience

My overall experience with Studio 58 Beauty was fantastic, As I said, the treatment couldn’t have come at a better time as my skin had one of it’s worse breakouts it has had for months. I was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort due to the breakouts.

Throughout the treatment, I was made feel comfortable and informed about each step. The treatment room itself it extremely inviting, I was that comfortable I may have dosed off a few times!

Due to my acne, Emma Jane added some LED light therapy to the end of the treatment.

For 10 mins I was under the Blue light which is specifically designed to:

  • Destruct acne bacteria
  • Inhibit the sebaceous glands
  • Relieve skin from breakouts
  • Prevent acne/wounds from infections

My skin felt incredibly soft in the hours after the treatment. Any of my spots that were raised or filled before the facial had been flattened and the pain had been eased. My skin looked plumper and was glowing. I was that pleased I even braved town afterwards which is a massive thing for me to do with such a back breakout.

The next morning I had some new white heads, which is to be expected, but my existing spots remained flat. The plumpness and firmness remained 24hours after treatment and applying makeup over my breakout was a breeze as a lot of the cracked and dehydrated skin had been removed and re-hydrated.

My skin Make Up free two hours after the DIBI MILANO Pure Equalizer facial with Studio 58 Beauty

Studio 58 Beauty

To check out their host of beauty treatments, from holistic to the DIBI MILANO range, Lashes & Eyes, Nails & Feet, Waxing and Threading and Make Up, or to book an appointment you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.


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