Festival Survival Tips & Tricks

The Summer is in full swing and already there have been festivals and concerts that bring music lovers, food fanatics and even exercise enthusiasts together. I may not get to a festival this year, but I am lucky enough to get to Marlay Park to see Bruno Mars, thanks to 98FM who picked me as their competition winner.

I have been to a fair share of my festivals and open air concerts in my time so I thought why not share with you my Festival/Concert survival TIPS and TRICKS.

Bathroom Tricks

The main issue at festivals or concerts is the toilets, we have read, heard and witnessed first-hand the horrors that are Portaloos. Drunk people and bodily functions = some really scary sights and situations. This leads me to my first and probably most crucial tip.

Bring toilet roll or for one day events bring a packet of tissues. It’s like gold dust at these events and you can be guaranteed if you go into 15 Portaloos one might have toilet roll and it will probably be wet.

On the note of going to the bathroom, hand sanitiser is a must have, for very obvious reasons, and if you are at a three dayer a packet of wipes will always come in handy.

Phone Tips

Floral headbands, glitter gems, neon face paint and bumbags are all typical festival accessories, but a key item to have with you is a sandwich bag!

No, not for sandwiches, for your phone! There is nothing worse than being soaked head to toe or flung in a puddle and having your phone in your pocket. Pop it in a sandwich bag, seal it and you won’t have to get the rice out when you get home, or contact your insurance company.

Sticking to phone tips and tricks, this one is probably a no brainer. Bring a portable charger. Penney’s have them for around €12. They work a treat and have two full charges. Want to conserve your battery? Pop your phone on airplane mode and just switch it back when you want to upload a snap or insta story.


Weather Warning

Ireland may be in the midst of a heatwave fit for the history books, but the rain is never far away, especially if you have an outdoor event. A good poncho or rain coat that you can roll up and stick in you pocket or bag is an essential.

If it’s sunny, wear sun cream and stay hydrated. Vodka, Beer, Wine and Gin are not forms of hydration. I may sound like a granny, but the last thing you want is sunstroke or severe sunburn ruining your festival vibes.


Have transport to and from arranged BEFORE you leave and take the drivers number. It’ll save you wandering about aimlessly looking for a lift that will never come.

Unless you are unfortunate like me and my Oasis Slane 2009 buddies who spent ages searching for our bus only to discover is was stolen. It was found the next day.

If you are driving, make sure you are sober firstly and secondly if you are tired, pull over and take a nap, then get back on the road home.

Social Media

Finally, no one, literally NO ONE wants a 10 minute story of you and your pals singing drunkenly into your camera or a Snapchat story of the entire, inaudible, concert you were at. It’s annoying and pointless. I’m starting a petition now to have it banned in 2019.

You can follow me on Instagram & Snapchat @aweirdheff to see if I commit any of these crimes. If I do, feel free to call me out.



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