The Do’s, Don’ts & Top Tips for Surviving Summer

The Heatwave has landed! The sun and the heat thankfully returned to our Emerald Isle and although we are all struggling to sleep and dress for work in this glorious weather you can be sure we are also going to make the most of it.

After our fabulous weather at the beginning of the month I did notice a few things that I want to share with you. So here are my do’s and don’ts and top tips for surviving/enjoying the good weather.

Do enjoy the weather and make use of it, be it a coffee outside in Panama at the square watching the children duck and dive in and out of the fountains, or a pint with pals in one of Dundalk’s fabulous, but often overlooked beer gardens, due to our tumultuous weather, such as Russell’s Saloon Gin Emporium, Byrne’s of No.10 or Kennedy’s.

There are also a host of places that offer outdoor dining, such as Riva, Jackie’s Café or the Imperial, who have erected special, blocked off, seating outside in light of the good weather.

photo cred: Dundalk Democrat

Not from Dundalk, comment your favourite places in your area to dine or drink outside.

Don’t swan about the shopping centre’s or the town square with your top off or in your bikini. This is still Ireland folks! They are making it unacceptable to do this in Santa Ponsa so it shouldn’t be done in your local area.

Invest in some breathable clothes and keep the bikinis and bare chests for the beach or backgarden.

Top Tip! We may be in the age of tablets, social media and gadgets, but nothing beats messing about with a bucket and a spade, or a kite, on a beach when the suns out. Pound shops are the best places to find a bargain for summer goodies that won’t cost an arm and a leg, because let’s face, we may only get two days use out of them.


Do WEAR SUN CREAM! Skin cancer isn’t made up. I have literally been badly burnt by not applying sun cream, correctly, to the point I now have marks and skin tags because of it.

We are Irish, we are not accustomed to the sun. Our pasty, pale, almost see through skin needs protecting, not baby oil. If you hate reapplying sun cream then invest in some Riemann P20, it lasts 10 hours and is ‘very water resistant’ so slap it on in the morning and you’re protected all day.

Don’t use baby oil on your skin! If you want to use an oil when sun bathing, Bondi Sands Protect and Tan Oil has SPF in it and will have you greased up, bronzed and protected. This recommendation was from a very good source, my sun worshiping Mother, so you know it’s the biz.

Top Tip! If you do burn, Aloe Vera is fantastic to treat sunburn. Another product that is an all-round god send is Human + Kind’s family remedy. It can tackle; sun burn, burns, the dreaded chaffing and varying skin issues that all come pleasantly along with being in the heat.

Finally, DO have a BBQ. It’s basically a law that if the weather is good you have to have a BBQ and invite friends and family round. Just stock up on burger buns now!!

Here’s hoping the good weather lasts! Remember your furry friends in this heat, keep them cool and hydrated and if going for walks go in the evening as opposed to peak times in the sun (11am-3pm). 


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