Love Island – What I’ve Learned So Far

Love Island is back and like everyone else I am absolutely obsessed with it, even to the point that I’m watching Love Island Australia (the DRAMA IS REAL on LI AUS).

I also have a weekly slot on Galway Bay FM discussing it with the fabulous Alan Murphy every Thursday where the listeners also get to pick a Love Island bet in the hopes of raising money for charity. 

For those of you who have not been bitten by the Love Island bug, Love Island is a dating show which sees boys and girls couple up in a beautiful villa in Spain just seconds after meeting each other.

The name of the game is to remain in a couple or risk being booted from the villa. The winning couple will receive €50,000 and going by last years ‘couples’, who have all split, but one, they will also be in for numerous magazine, clothing line and social media deals.

So is this another seedy cheap reality show filled with sex and ludicrous behaviour? Well, sort of, but I think we can actually learn something from watching Love Island. As well as revel in the drama, memes and Twitter debates (@aweirdheff  if you aren’t following).

Like Big Brother, I enjoy watching Love Island for the social experimental side of things. I like to see how people react to situations, behave when forming alliances and when they are called out for their behaviour.

Yes, this show is filled with bikini clad babes and ripped hunks, but can love actually be found in the villa? Many of the contestants are really taking part to launch their Z list celebrity career, (ahem Hayley, cough Eyal) but if they have gone in for the right reasons, why isn’t love possible. Maybe not after 8 weeks, but after Love Island.

However a lot fall victim to the holiday romance effect and split shortly after the show ends. Or is that the wandering, eye, hands and mouth effect? Cheating is rife and scarily seems to be the norm with these people.

Two weeks into the show and we have already seen tears, re-coupling’s, an shock exit, a not so shocking exit and drama, so here’s some things that stood out to me.


Some of the British public still don’t understand what Brexit is. The girls in the villa were discussing Brexit and it was very apparent that none of them really knew what Britain’s decision to leave the EU actually means. Oh apart from going on holidays will be harder, which seemed to really bum them out.

How White Is Too White?

White teeth are nice, but know when to stop. Jack the lad Fincham who is coupled with Dani Dyer, paid a ridiculous amount to have his nashers gleaming white for his Love Island debut, but has ended up looking like Ross from Friends. We all love an aul teeth whitening strip, but when you start to blind people, stop.

Girls Are Like Totally Dumb 

Girls actually play dumb so that boys or people might like them. I thought this was a made up thing.

Ladies for the love of all that is good in this world STOP ACTING STUPID TO IMPRESS PEOPLE. It doesn’t, it does the opposite, in fact all it does is make you look exactly that, DUMB.

Yes, I’m mainly talking about Hayley, who didn’t know what superficial meant, what an ear lobe was, thought Liverpool was a country and Spain was in the UK. (makes a difference from Ireland being lumped into the UK)

All from the girl who achieved three B’s at A Level and studied Childhood and Youth Studies at Liverpool Hope University before dropping out.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

In a sea of abs and taut torsos, its the normal lad who wins over your heart. Jack is undeniable the fan favourite on the show and he is the only boy in there who doesn’t eat sleep gym repeat. It is cliche, but it’s true, it’s not whats on the outside, its whats on the inside that counts and a sense of humour. I just wonder will Jack’s quick quips go down well when he meets Danny Dyer? Love Island producers have to make this happen, it will be TV GOLD.

Doctor Dreamy Was A Lie

Those charming, suave doctors that ER and Grey’s Anatomy have portrayed to you all these years have been a lie. Dr Alex is adorable and a real sweetheart, and a doctor!!, but bless him his flanter game is weeeeak. My personal favourite was ‘I love cars’ and ‘I iron everything in the villa’ when new girl Ellie said she was woeful at ironing.

The overriding question here is, are these people or couples something to model your own dating life off of? The simple answer is NO.

No they are not. Personal gain seems to override everything in Love Island, remember there is £50,000 up for grabs. Some relationship’s are genuine, but the name of the game is to remain in a couple, so bare that in mind. Everyone may not be as pure as they seem!!

I will of course continue to keep watching and letting it consume my life. I need to know if Alex will find love.

Lets face it though, any girl going in there knows how popular Alex is so i’m going to be skeptical of them all. Like  protective mother! 

If you are fanatical about Love Island too, make sure to follow me on Twitter where we can discuss the drama every night.

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