My Hair Evolution

In my latest Hair post, I wanted to share with you my Hair Evolution with tape extensions to date and some insights into my balding beautifulness too

I have my Rapture tape extensions for almost a year now and I continued to be blown away with just how lightweight and versatile these extensions are. I have also seen some amazing results with my own natural hair, which for the first time in a long time has me feeling a little bit better about my hair.

Playing With Colour

This is what my hair looks like currently. For my latest Rapture Tape application in Peter Mark Dundalk, Toni and I played with different tones to ease me into the idea of adding colour to my hair and extensions.

I have always avoided dying my hair (apart from a teenage mishap), but with my tape extensions we can change up the colours we use to give an extra element of style to my hair, all without the use of dye, just some careful placement!

It is very subtle and natural. We achieved this by adding in one packet of hair that was a shade up from my current dark brown. I have a total of four packets of tape extension in my hair.

If you look at my crown you will see my thinning areas. This is with a light application of my scalp concealer only and no hair fibers in.

My Natural Hair

This my natural hair just before my application (pic 1). As you can see it looks healthy and relatively full, for me! Showcasing how I have experienced no noticeable damage to my hair in the 10 months I’ve been using the tape extensions.

I have full hair make up in here, as it is just before my hair was washed and just after my previous extensions were removed, which is why it looks full on top. It gives a good indication of how the hair make up works in tandem to give me the appearance of full thick hair.

Before the Chop

Here you can see a section of my thinning crown. My hair has been freshly washed with Nioxin 3 so my scalp is clear of all hair make up.

This was my hair before I underwent the chop back in November. As you can see the ends are thin and wispy, but the ‘thickness’ has leveled out. This is something I addressed in my last hair post ‘Short Hair Don’t Care’, check it out to see these thickening growth before and after pictures.

I chose Rapture tape extensions after doing extensive research on them and I am delighted with the results almost a year on. The big bonus for me was how my own natural hair seems healthier than it has ever been. I have also seen some new growth on the top of my head, which has lead to this static fuzz and it will probably fall out, but it is as a result of the combination of extensions and hair makeup, meaning I don’t have to backcomb my hair within and inch of its life to cover patches anymore.

Now that we’ve started to play with colour I am excited to see what else I can do, for once I am able to play with my hair and experiment with different styles.

I have begun to build up the courage to share more insights into my natural thinning hair. This is only a mild look into how my hair is. A full look at the extent into my thinning hair is something I am not ready to share.

For some people what they see may not be a ‘big deal’, but for me it is something that has resulted in an ongoing battle with anxiety and self confidence issues. Ones I actively talk about and address, when I see fit.

My ‘Where’s My crowning Glory’ post was my first ever blog post and was me telling the world and I guess myself, exactly what was happening with my hair and within my head as a result of it.


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