A Guide To Surviving Christmas



The festive season is a time for giving, but it also a time to meet up with old pals and having a beverage or two by the fire……in a crammed pub full of hideous Christmas jumpers.

It isn’t Christmas without a work party, a 12 pubs, a night (or six) out with friends and other halves. These nights out start a couple of weeks before the big day and last right up until we ring in the New Year, so it’s inevitable that the dreaded hangover will come to visit, unless you are young (rolls eyes and then cries at her lost hangover free youth).

Now, I know I have your attention and you might think I have some miracle cure for hangovers that will ensure you won’t miss a night out and spend it hugging Mr Toi Let during the holidays, and I do, it’s Solpadine!

Aside from medicating yourself here are some easy to follow tidbits for surviving a Merry Merry Christmas.

Eat, do I even have to say this? It really is a no brainer, have something to eat, don’t go out on an empty stomach because that leads to one place, vomitsville. Christmas is all about overindulgence, so overindulge in food before you hit the pub.

Avoid shots, especially if you know they make you ill. I wish I was able to practice what I preach! We all know there is a difference in our heads, and stomachs, the next day if we just say no to whatever shot your jolly friend insisted on buying for you.

Ladies, I recently read that women do in fact suffer with hangovers more than men, not that anyone would know because we hate to complain. Bare this in mind while you are knocking back the Prosecco.

Men, if you have a lady or ladies, if you have a lady and you haven’t been drinking, be kind to your hungover other halves, it isn’t her fault its sciences.

This next little bit of advice is not hangover related, its bar etiquette related.

Be kind to the bar staff, they have been dealing with inebriated, enthusiastic, ejits like you for weeks now and are run off their feet. Make sure to remember your manners, as the saying goes, they don’t cost a thing. Wait your turn, don’t click your fingers or wave to get their attention, it’s rude and achieves the opposite of what you want.

Tip, it doesn’t have to much, just throw them a tip, you big Scrooge!

On a more serious note, mind your drinks. Unfortunately not everyone is only out to have a good time, make some memories and mind their own business. Don’t leave them unattended, if that means drinking it down before you go to the loo rather than wasting a drink, do it. I’m not here to judge.

If after all of this, you are still a little cautious about going out over the festive period, then don’t. Stay home, have a drink in your pj’s, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, where you can make an unholy show of yourself and won’t have to avoid anyone you know for a week afterwards.

Where you can eat constantly, control the music and, now this is the selling point my dear readers, you can walk a couple of steps to your own bed, instead of the sobering 365 days wait for a taxi, because the whole of the county and their extended family have claimed them all. Taxi men and women I really do salute you!

Enjoy the festivities, stay safe and have a Happy Christmas!


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