Short Hair Don’t Care – Hair Transformation PT 3

I’ve chopped off all my hair!!! OK, its not ALL mine, the majority of it is Raputre Tape Extensions, cause we all know I have as much hair as a 2-year-old, and not those real hairy toddlers/babies.

I was back in with the fabulous Toni and the rest of the team in Peter Mark Dundalk for my Rapture Tape Extensions re-application, (check out my re-application process video), on Friday. As this is my last re-application with this batch of hair, I thought it was time to change things up and show you all how versatile these extensions are.

It has been years, I’m talking 10+, since I have been able to mess about with my hair this carefree and this stressfree. The massive plus here, is that, because I am repurchasing hair in 8 weeks, I can decide to go back to my 16inch locks, go for the midi length 10inch, or stick to my current LOB. This however will be for 6ish months so I wanted to test the waters first before I made a more ‘permanent’ decision.

In every re-application, the first steps are to remove your extensions, wash your natural hair and blowdry it. My own natural hair, as you can see below, has grown substantially in length, but as ever lacks thickness, and a patch of hair on the crown! – that’s where the hair make up comes in.

As part of their ever attentive service at Peter Mark, they washed my hair with Nixoin 2 shampoo, which is specially designed for noticeably thinning, fine, natural hair.

 Nixoin is a range which I will be discussing in detail in a future blog post. 

Many people worry about the damage wearing extensions for long periods can do to your hair. I am exactly the same, given my Female Pattern Hairloss status, I want to protect my remaining hair, but I also want my confidence and ‘normal’ locks back.

I have been wearing Rapture Tape Extensions since March and each re-application, I have noticed they my hair has actually grown! Something my hair hasn’t done in a long time.

I check regularly for damage where the tape is and I am pleased to say I have noticed nothing in the 8 months that I have been wearing them. This is due to the weight being distributed evenly across your natural hair with the tape, so there is less tension on your own hair.

Here is a comparison of my natural hair from Friday (left) and a re-application 14 weeks ago (right).

You can see there is some growth in length, although it does get very sparse towards the end. What is interesting to point out is the thickness of my natural hair has improved as it has grown.

On the right it becomes quite sparse early on, but on the left it is far more dense further down my back.

The next step was to re-apply my four packets of 16inch extensions, then it was time to get chopping!

Toni has done an amazing job, once again! We went for a shoulder length blunt cut, which sits nicely on top of my shoulders once curled, given me two varied looks to work with.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results! As you can see……

The confidence that these extensions have given me is simply incredible. I am excited to be able to take risks with my hair again and to feel like a ‘normal woman’ who chops and changes their hair. Peter Mark have always made me feel comfortable and that in itself is a credit to them as a team.


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