My Visit With Louth SPCA


On Wednesday I had the pleasure of visiting the Louth Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to volunteer for a couple of hours, meet with the inspirational volunteers and more importantly meet with the adorable animals.

The Louth SPCA has been in existence since the 1940’s and Fiona Squibb the Hon Inspector has been working with the organisation for an admirable 16years.

The photo’s I am going to share will show they joy I had in meeting these beautiful animals that are on the hunt for their forever homes. I am smiling with joy as I adore animals, all animals, but the story of how many of these animals have ended up with Fiona and her team are unfortunately heart wrenchingly filled with unimaginable violence and cruelty.

As the Louth Rose I have the wonderful opportunity to work closely with local charities and I am sincerely grateful to have met the ladies at the Louth SPCA. This was the first of many visits, the first of many blog posts and the start of what I hope will be a long running involvement with this charity that looks after animals who don’t have a voice, don’t have a home and many who have never been shown love.

For more information or more importantly if you wish to make a donation to this incredibly selfless and important organisation you can do so through their website, remember every little helps.
For all reports of animal cruelty Phone: 042 9335045 and leave a detailed message and your phone number, or Email:

Fiona introduced me to Lottie, who is extremely timid, nervous and wary around people. The ladies have been working hard with her since she arrived with them just a week ago and she is beginning to gain some of her confidence back and some trust towards humans.

You can see by the photos that although she is allowing me to get close and pet her she is still unsure of whether I am friend of foe and unfortunately that is due to her past experiences with humans. She is a beautiful dog and the next time I visit the Louth SPCA I know she will be a different dog, filled with confidence, playfulness and ready to give a lucky family her love.

The Louth SPCA are always on the look out for volunteers, so if you like to surround yourself with animals and great people, think about making the Louth SPCA part of your life. I know I have.


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