Penney’s Beauty and the Beast Collection

Penney’s (aka Primark) have unveiled a Beauty and the Beast range that would make Mrs Potts and Lumière proud! You think #Chipgate was bad!!! Wait until the full range hits stores. They have everything a Beauty and the Beast fanatic could every want, from bet covers to PJ set, purses, rose bell jars and yes the Chip cup is back and he has brought his momma Mrs Potts (moneybox) with him.

Majority of stock should be available from end of June early July, with some of the PJ sets and bed covers already spotted in stores. Unfortunately you will have to wait until September for your Cogsworth Clock or Mrs Potts moneybox.

Let the Beauty and the Beast pandemonium commence!

   Chip PJ top €7, Chip PJ bottoms €10                                                (Picture: Penneys)


    Chip Cushion €6                                                        (Photo: Penneys)
      Rose Bell Jar €10                                                      (Photo: Penneys)
                                  Mrs Potts and Chip Purse €5                                                          (Photo: Penneys)
  Chip Bag €8, Chip Purse €4.50, Jewel Set €3.50                          (Photo: Penneys)
   Chip tee, €7, Belle BFF tee €9                                                        (Photo: Penneys)
 Bonjour PJ top €8, PJ bottoms, €10, slippers, €6                            (Photo: Penneys)
Bonjour rose cami top €8, rose shorts €8, Belle nightdress €7        (Photo: Penneys)
    Chip Mug €5, Mrs Potts Money Bank €8                                                 (Photo: Penneys)
    Cogsworth clock €8                                                                                       (Photo: Penneys)
    Mrs Potts Money box €8                                                                               (Photo: Penneys)
      Throw €8, Duvet set €20                                                                                             (Photo: Penneys)
    Belle and Beast 2 Pack Mugs €5                                                                        (Photo: Penneys)


Happy Shopping! 


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