My Nice Trip | 4 Days In South Of France

I was recently in Nice in the South of France visiting my Poppa Heff with my OH Kevin. We were there for four days, Monday – Friday, arriving early Monday and leaving early on Friday.

It was a jampacked four days, filled with visits to Antibes, Saint- Jean-Cap Ferrat and Monico, catching up with old and new friends over drinks and spending some romantic quality time dining out.


Nice is hands down my favorite place in the world. I now look at it as a home away from home, one that I wish I could visit more often. If you haven’t been, or are looking for a place to visit this summer, Nice should definitely go on your list.

Creativity and art is everywhere you look in Nice. It is home to artists and musicians from all walks of life. The Old Town is where you get the best feel for the history of Nice and why some many creative souls are drawn to it.


We landed early in Nice, having left Dublin at 5.30am, we arrived with very little sleep, so Day 1 was a beach day. Wayne’s Bar was our first stop for breakfast, as Poppa Heff is a chef there.

Wayne’s is the go to bar in Nice Old Town, there is something for everyone. It shows sports, offers great food, has some of the best bands, that switch from acoustic sets to DJ sets, taking you right through the night and has some of the greatest people working there. (I’m not at all biased)

If you are looking for a place to dance on the tables, Wayne’s is your place! Fear not however, if you stay at the front of the bar you are not expected to stand on any furniture.

After dropping our bags off at Pops apartment we headed to the promenade for a relaxing few hours on the beach. Before heading home to get ready for our night ahead, we stopped off at Waka Bar for a few beverages, a relatively new bar on the promenade, more on this bar later in the post.

That evening we tucked into nachos, again you HAVE to try these, and chicken fajitas in Wanye’s and drank to our hearts content.

Cap Ferrat

Day 2 took us to Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat, which is South of Nice, in between Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer. You take the 81 bus at Place Garibaldi Monoprix which costs just €1.50 each way and leaves every 15 minutes.

There is a cliff walk that is approx 6km and takes approx 2 1/2 hours, but its most certainly worth the hike as you get to see views like the ones pictured below. If you go during the summer, make sure you take a lot of water with you, as it is a strenuous walk with parts of the pathway along the cliff side without any barriers.

Cap Ferrat
Our breakfast picnic view – Cap Ferrat
Cap Ferrat walk

That evening we dined in La Voglia in Nice, which is right beside the famous Nice markets and Ma Nolan’s Irish bar. It is a traditional Italian and was our favourite meal of the trip. The prices are reasonable, the quality of food is next to none and the house wine was divine (and only €4 a glass).

La Voglia is a must try when in Nice
Rigatoni & Ham & Rocket Pizza


On Day 3 we decided to cycle from Nice to Antibes, which is 21.7km and takes roughly 1hour 10mins. Renting two bikes for the day cost €30 in total.

It is basically a straight route the whole way and you have stunning views of the coast to keep you going. You also pass through Cagnes-sur-Mer just before you come to Antibes which provides you with the breathtaking scenery and a great pit-stop if the burn is becoming a little too much.

We popped into Le Clemenceau for a bite to eat, which had one of the most delicious burgers I have ever tasted. Kevin ordered it, so needless to say I had serious orders regret when I tasted this glorious burger and was left with just a salad.

DIVINE burger – Le Clemenceau

After lunch we stopped by Lucky Break Coffee shop for an Americano and cookie, before we set off on our journey back to Nice. The views alone from this quaint coffee shop make it a must visit when in Antibes. Around the corner offers magnificent views of the beach and sea, which can be accessed just down the hill and left towards the harbour.

Lucky Break Coffee Shop – Antibes
Lucky Break Coffee Shop – Antibes
Antibes- finding out I’ve been nominated for two Irish Beauty Blog Awards


It was the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying laps on Thursday, so we spent Day 4 in Monaco. Granted we arrived a bit too late, the last three days had caught up on us, but we did get to see the Rally Car Supercup which was a great experience. After a lap of the castle and beautiful gardens we stopped in Slammers bar to see The Sons of Guns play and partake in our final few beverages.

Monaco Bay – Grand Prix set up

Waka Bar

Waka Bar is a New Zealand run bar that opened in November 2016. It promises breathtaking views of the Nice promenade from its terrace and in the evening, tunes that will make even the most left footed person get up and dance. The decor is to die for with upcycled pieces and stunning original brick wall, which, having spoken to the owners, we know saw much blood, sweat and tears to get back to its beautiful state. We visited Waka on our 1st, 2nd and 4th night, so I think you can tell that we liked it.

This is without a doubt going to be the next hottest bar to visit in Nice, if it isn’t already.

For more, check out my Travel Video


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