How I Get My Weave – Hair Transformation Pt 2

I was back in Peter Marks in Dundalk this week to get my Rapture Tape Extensions re-taped and reapplied after an amazing nine weeks.

If you are wonder what Rapture tape extensions are then check out  the first part of this series ‘Hair Transformation – Rapture Extensions‘, complete with video.

Once again the ladies in Peter Marks Dundalk were fantastic. I am finally a girl who looks forward to getting their hair done and it is all thanks to them. Last time I was shaking with nerves, but this time I was excited. They had my wee corner waiting for me and, again, helped me with putting in my hair make up, they even took videos so I could create the below video for you all.

Simply put…..Girls you are fecking deadly!


They advise to get your tape extensions re-taped after 8 weeks, but I think anything from 7-9 weeks is sufficient, depending on the person. At nine weeks my extensions had grown out about two inches (maybe more) and were becoming difficult to manage and hide. They twist due to the growth in your hair which makes them stick out from your head, but you can get a good scratch of your scalp (always a silver lining).

The video outlines the entire process, from removing the extensions, re-tapping and reapplication so make sure to check it out.

My own hair looked healthy and there was no noticeably extra fall out due to the extensions. Let me just reiterate, I absolutely adore these extensions.


The whole process took about about an hour and cost €140. After another eight weeks on from my next reapplication I will have to repurchase the hair, which will cost €450 for four packets of real human hair and includes application.


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