Met Gala 2017: Fashion Faves & F**k Ups

It is that time of the year again where we can all unleash our inner Joan Collins aka ‘Fashion Police’, yes, the Met Gala 2017. This year’s theme was Rei Kawakubo/Comme de Garçon: Art of the In-Between, a homage to Comme des Garçon designer Rei Kawakubo and lets just say it brought out some serious f**k ups! Soz Rei bae!

As ever I’ve tried to keep this short, but I failed miserably. Let’s kick things off with the fashion favourites shall we?


Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, Solange Knowles

Statement trains were back and I am loving it!

Priyanka Chopra divided wannabe Fashion Police (like myself) in this Inspector Gadget inspired Ralph Lauren Collection custom trench coat evening gown, but she gets on the faves list for me. Oozing confidnece and sex appeal she wore the shit out of this.

Zendaya is an annual feature in my Met Gala blogs. This woman can do absolutely no wrong in this painted silk Dolce & Gabbana masterpiece. A special shoutout to her hair, which was simply stunning and perfectly accompanied the dress.

OK, Solange Knowles, another fashion fave of mine. This Thom Browne coat, complete with a matching dress, isn’t for everyone, BUT it is for me. How comfortable does she look and please take a closer look at those incredible ice skater inspired shoes she is rocking. For me this is a definite hit.

Gigi Hadid, Rose Byrne, Hailey Baldwin

Tulle was also in this year with Gigi Hadid, Rose Byrne and Hailey Baldwin all donning delicate designs.

Gigi Hadid made the faves list this year for her asymmetrical champagne gown by Tommy Hilfiger that can simply do no wrong.

Rose Byrne took plunging necklines to the extreme, but still looked like royalty in this red Ralph Lauren ballgown. Another hair appreciation moment for her fabulous curled bob.

Hailey Baldwin teamed a silk crop top with a blush pink tier skirt by Carolina Herrera. This look reminds me of those ballerinas that would dance in your jewelry box, which is never a bad thing, is it?

Cara Delevingne, Stella Maxwell, Kylie Jenner

Cara Delevingne showcased her new shaved head at the Met Gala, however it was painted silver to match her futuristic chic Chanel suite which was themed with a silver belt and shoes. The suits was tailored to absolute perfection and stayed true to Cara’s androgynous style.

Stella Maxwell was effortlessly chic in this custom semi-sheer gown with fringe detail and plunging neckline by H&M.

Kylie Jenner was draped in a mesh nude gown by Versace that gave off all sorts of sea vibes with embellished sea shells throughout. She stuck with a short bob for the gala again this year, but switched from last years black to a platinum blonde.

Couple Goals Appreciation…. 

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Selena Gomez & The Weekend, Dakota Fanning & Alessandro Michele

When do Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds ever get it wrong, in the fashion or couple goals stakes? Blake is in a gold and blue Atelier Versace gown with feather train.

Selena Gomez & The Weekend are one HOT couple. Selena kept it simple with this sequined lace maxi by Coach.

OK OK, Dakota Fanning and Alessandro Michele are not an actual couple, but there is something about the Gucci creative director’s ensemble that compliments Dakota’s black Gothic Gucci ruffle gown.

F**K Ups

Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Katy Perry

What the HELL!!!

Nicki Minaj looks like a matador that got too close to a bull in this H&M ‘gown’. This is all kinds of wrong!

Rihanna, I love you girl, but sweet baby Jesus it looks like Rei Kawakubo (yes the actual designer the Met Gala’s theme is based around) swooped up whatever scraps of fabric were lying about, threw them at you and shouted ‘CATCH!’, then stuck a pair of shoes on and sent you packing.

Katy Parry same goes for you lovie. I love a bit of tulle, as you know from my faves, but there is waaaay too much going on her, it hurts my damn eyes.

Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian, I understand this is the new stripped back Kim, but this white Vivienne Westwood gown fell flat and was simply too bland and boring for the Met Gala.

Madonna, take this bit of advice and apply it to not just your fashion but your career. Stop trying to make bring it back, it’s dead! Camo, I mean genuinely what were you thinking? My nerves are livin’ on a prayer looking at that!

Kendall Jenner undoubtedly has a body to die for in this sheer Julia Haart dress from her  La Perla Haute Couture Collection, but this is definitely a case of too much is too much for me.

Jayden Smith, Caroline Kennedy, Claire Danes

Jayden Smith………he’s holding his dreadlocks! I know its hard to let go when you get a new do, but it’s not a bag pet…put it down.

Caroline Kennedy, You. Have. No. Arms. How was she going to eat? And Don’t get me started on those hideous shoes. If you want to see how to take a floral curtain-esque look and make it fashionable and elegant go look at Zendaya.

Claire Danes, have I mentioned its the MET GALA? This looks like shes going out to a nice dinner somewhere, maybe a wee show after.

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