Hair Transformation- Rapture Extensions

As a balding beauty, hair extensions have been a godsend to mask my thinning hair, but having used clip ins for many years I began to worry about the toll it would take on my remaining hair. Thankfully Peter Marks have provided me with a solution, Rapture tape hair extensions.

I finally bit the bullet and crossed the threshold of a hairdressers for the first time in 4 years to take the next step in having hair confidence. I was nervous, very nervous, as you will see from my Snapchat video below, but I did it and I am so proud of myself for doing so.

What Are Rapture

Rapture are tape extensions that use an adhesive strip to attach to the hair. No bonds or beads are used. Each strip are about an inch thick and are real ethically sourced human hair. As they are not attached to the root of the hair, there is no stress and damaged caused to the existing hair. The tape technology means they are virtually undetectable, even when tied up, making them perfect for ladies (or men) with thin or thinning hair.

The Process

Initially you will need to go for a consultation where your hairdresser will go through the whole process and inspect your hair. They check you hair for everything from fall out, strength, hair type, hair care and your crown, is it sparse or balding.

Now mine is of course, but I had my hair make up in during my consultation. I explained to Toni (my hairdresser) what my situation was and how I mask my thinning hair and she was happy to proceed.

If you have a sparse crown I would advise checking out my Hair Magic post which discusses the products I swear by to mask my thin hair. This will allow you to get Rapture tape extensions. Otherwise your hairdresser may advise against it as the finished look will not look natural.

On the day of your hair transformation the total process takes around an hour from washing, drying, application and styling.

Surprisingly, my hair held four packets, giving me thick voluptuous hair. 

The Cost

This might sound steep, but the overall cost is €400 for four packets of the Rapture extensions. The hair is re-usable, lasting 16, possibly 32 weeks and needs to be re-applied every 8 weeks, which costs around €140 depending on styling.

A €150 deposit is required when booking your appointment, but it is taken off your final payment on the day.

Now lets break this down. That’s €100 a month you need to save before you repurchase the extensions. Not bad at all?

As someone who spends nothing on hair maintenance in a hairdressers I personally do not mind forking out the dosh for these gorgeous extensions. As someone whose confidence and mental health has taken an absolute bashing over the past number of years due to my hatred for my thinning hair, it is utterly priceless to be given any sort of hair confidence back.

The Experience

As I have mentioned before in many blogs, I suffer from Female Pattern Baldness, yes my hair is falling out. So understandably letting anyone wash, touch or see my hair wet, let alone dry is something that quite frankly can bring on a panic attack.

Before & After

During the consultation I was completely honest with Toni, explaining my situation and anxiety about having to have wet hair in public. I was assured that they would be happy to put me in a corner to maintain my privacy, dry my hair as quick as possible and even allow me to apply my ‘hair make up’ before the application process of the Rapture extensions.

This for me, was a level or service and understanding that I couldn’t put a price on. I was shaking going in to get my hair done that day. The fabulous ladies in Peter Marks made me feel totally relaxed and as though there was not one bald patch on my head.

It’s hard to put into words what that meant to me. 

Rapture are super lightweight, I honestly thought the weight of four packets would take some getting used to, but you genuinely don’t feel like you have a thick mass of flowing locks taped to your head.

Would I recommend them? Yes, Yes and Yes.

Check out my short video showing you my journey with Rapture and Peter Marks.


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6 thoughts on “Hair Transformation- Rapture Extensions

  1. You are a very brave and courageous women. Your honesty in the way you deal with your, for want of a better word ”condition” is remarkable. By speaking openly about hair loss you are doing a power of good to women and indeed men in the same situation as yourself. Keep up the good work, and maybe think about make this a goal in your life to help others in the same situation. Your family must be very proud of you. God Bless, Eugene.

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