New Year Improved Me – My Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope that you have all recovered from your NYE festivities by now and made those all important resolutions. OK full disclosure, I never make New Year’s resolutions, because I know I will never stick to them BUT this year I have decided to create a NYIM (New Year Improved Me) series that will run throughout January and February.

WHY?! Well a New Year brings with it a fresh start, a new wave of optimism, a new host of dreams and endless possibilities. Yes, these are all cliche’s, but cliche’s I’m embracing this year.

New Year New Me is the typical saying when the New Year comes around, but I don’t want a new Aoife, I want an improved Aoife. A better version of my current self, not an entirely new person.

A new me, suggests there is something wrong with the present day me, there isn’t. Improvements are what you make to an already good base to make it great.

So as part of this series I’m going to share with you my New Year’s resolutions and invite you to come along with me as I try to achieve them.

  1. Be Healthier & Fitter

  2. Be more positive

  3. Treat yo’self

The NYIM series will be split into posts relating to these resolutions.

Be Healthier and Fitter9492f309648582c25e0e170162f0ceb7
will comprise of my journey to shed Christmas (and summer) holiday weight by being more
active and making better decisions with my food. Yes I’m breaking up with the takeaway deliveryman and becoming best friends with the gym.

We all overindulge at Christmas and that’s normal, but my body is screaming out for a better routine. My skin is dull, I’ve constant breakouts, I’m tried all the time, my clothes don’t fit like they used to and it just isn’t good enough. So I’m making the change to a healthier lifestyle.

I will also share with you some throwbacks to when my weight loss started and how I got to where I am today.


Be More Positive1c25060c95fe4b704b79739189ad3f33 – this section alludes to the ways in which I am going to deal with my anxiety better, try to banish negativity (as much as one can) and the steps I take to create an all round better environment for myself. Putting it simply, there will be mental health posts and decluttering/detoxing your home/wardrobe posts.

I’m a great believer in a good aul clear out of junk in your home/wardrobe as a way to physically and symbolically give your mind a sense of calm, as a way to de-stress and it promotes productivity. (trust me on this)



Treat Yo’Selflove-yourself
is all about looking after myself, basically being a selfish bitch, but in the best way possible. There are things I have promised myself I would do each year and never have. Some could be as small as read more, others might be putting more focus on my hair.

As you all know by now, I suffer from hair loss. Despite becoming more open about it, this year I want to strive to find products that ACTUALLY work or aid everyday concealing of my hair loss.

Treat Yo’self is also a section that reminds us that being selfish can be a positive thing. We have to look after ourselves, sometimes put ourselves first, indulge in the things we love and most of all learn to love ourselves.

After struggling with my hair loss and the anxiety that has gone with it, THIS is my year to love myself for who I am, hair loss, acne, scars and all.


We all make New Year’s resolution and most of us never follow through, but with this NYIM series we can be in it together. Who knows we might just go ahead and actually achieve them, making 2017 the best year yet. Or fail miserably and go through this all again next year 🙂

AJ x

Happy New Year, here's to a fantastic 2017 x
Happy New Year, here’s to a fantastic 2017 x

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