NYE Pearly Whites – iWhite Review

I’m sure everyone’s New Year’s Eve beauty prep is well underway by now, BUT if like me and you are a bit last minute with some of your beauty steps then here is one product that provides rapid results.

It’s no secret that the iWhite is adored amongst bloggers and well, there is one simple reason behind it, it works, it works reaaaaaly well.

For those of you who are not familiar with iWhite here are some of the features it promises on their website http://www.iwhite.ie/

  • Clinically proven INSTANT whitening results
  • Fast: up to 8 shades whiter in only 20 minutes a day
  • Active stain remover
  • STRENGTHENS the teeth
  • Easy: one step system, prefilled, no mixing
  • Comfortable soft transparent trays for a custom fit teeth whitening, one-size-fits-all
  • Whitens the front and the back of the teeth
  • Clinically proven SAFE and EFFECTIVE

iWhite Teeth Whitening Kit –  My Impression

I started using iWhite’s teeth whitening kit in November and have used three trays/mouthpieces since, with about a two week period in between. My most recent one, my third, was last week and my teeth are shining bright like a diamond.

There was a slight difference after my first use, but there was little improvement at top of my teeth nearing the gum. I also drooled all over myself throughout the 20minutes. No seriously, I had to carry a tissue around with me, stuffing it into my mouth to sop up saliva every so often.

On my second use, I begun to see the colour at the top of my tooth fade and was starting to get used to swallowing somewhat normally while the trays were on.

My third use was when iWhite really worked it’s magic. My teeth are an even shade of white all over and I don’t really feel the need to use the other two trays. Bearing in mind I am also a coffee addict.

However as it is New Year’s Eve is fast approaching I will be squeezing in two more before the big countdown just to make sure I ring in the new year with pearly whites teeth are as bright as the lights on my tree. I also want my teeth to pop in all the festive photos, duh.


You can of course use all five trays one after the other to get your teeth 8 shades whiter, but you will still have noticeably whiter teeth in time for NYE if you start using iWhite today.

I have used other teeth whitening products before, mainly strips, and iWhite is definitely my favorite. It’s completely pain free and doesn’t leave your teeth sensitive or feeling weak.

In the past, with other products, I would get these sharp bursts of pain in my gums. The only way I can describe it is like someone trying to pull the nerve out of my gum. I know they say beauty is pain, but give me a pain free effective alternative and you bet your ass that will be my new go to product/treatment. Why suffer?

You can order iWhite on http://www.iwhite.ie/, Boots are also stockists and for my local Dundalk readers, Kieran’s Avenue Pharmacy stock it.

To find your local stockist message iWhite on Facebook and they are quick to respond and will let you know of the best place to purchase.


*I’ll update with a pic of my teeth after ive used the full five, so stay tuned across my social media to see the full results x 
Twitter: Aweirdheff
Instagram: Aweirdheff
Facebook: AoifeJane
Snapchat: aweirdheff
*This was not an ad post, I was not paid. I purchased the iWhite myself and impressed with the results in such a short time, I wanted to share it with you all. I will always provide full discretion about affiliated or paid posts.

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