Top 5 Halloween MakeUp Tutorials

Halloween is fast approaching and rather than make a failed and disastrous attempt to create a Halloween MakeUp tutorial for you all, I am by no means a makeup artist, I thought I would leave it up to the professionals.

Who knows, maybe next year I will start up my own channel (what do you think?), but until then I shall pay homage to some of my favorite MUA YouTubers. 

I have put together my Top 5 Halloween MakeUp Tutorials. So whether you are going all out Gorey Ghoul or want to look Frightening but Fabulous these talented ladies have you covered.

1. Glam & Gore

Glam & Gore is not just for Halloween, no, Mykie is a special effect makeup artist who posts regular inspiring transformations. She will cater to your every need! It was hard to chose just one tutorial, but I thought this Shattered Cinderella Tutorial would be perfect to take your Disney Princess dreams to a dark new level.

2. Bonnie Corban SFX

Bonnie Corban SFX’s tutorials vary from your favorite comic book character to the down right disturbing, so there is something for everyone on her YouTube Channel. Check out this Stapled On Face Tutorial if you want to really commit to the gore.

3. Jordan Hanz

Jordan Hanz features a new tutorial EVERYDAY, so you are sure to find something. For those of you looking to unleash your inner Zombie, her Trypophobia Zombie Nurse, which comes with a GRAPHIC WARNING!!!, is decayingly deadly.

4. Shaaanxo

For those who want to don the Halloween makeup, but not quite commit to going full bride of the undead, then Shaanxo has a whole host of quick, somewhat easy tutorials that doesn’t require complete commitment. You can still do your regular night time look, just Halloween-afied, take this Medusa Snake Scales look for instance.

5. Chrisspy

If you haven’t already heard of Chrisspy, you might be familiar with her Finding Dory transformation dorythat went viral back in June.
She most certainly upped the full face transformation game, but she also has many other looks that doesn’t require a bald cap and fish tail attached to the back of your head. An ever popular Halloween MakeUp look is the Skull look which Chrisspy showcases beautifully.


So there you have it! Something for everyone, now get beating that face!

Keep your eyes peeled for my own, hopefully successful, Halloween look coming soon :).

I would love to see what Halloween look you are going for this year so make sure to comment or send me them on Social Media (all linked on top and below). If you haven’t already, make sure to check me out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (aweirdheff).


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