Dermalogica IonActive System Facial & Product Review

I came across the IonActive System Facial from Dermalogica on Maeve Hollywood Make Up’s Facebook page (all links to Maeve’s Social can be found at the end of the review), which promoted amazing results for Adult Acne, Dehydration, Fine Lines and Dark Spots.

Anything that boasts it can help with adult acne I simply have to try. Here’s my detailed account of the facial, follow-up treatment and thoughts on the results.

The IonActive system I received was Niacinamide based on the information gathered from a consultation card.

Facial – IonActive system:

The system comprises 6 formulas,

Four IonActive:

  • 1% Retinol – reduces visible signs of ageing
  • Hyaluronic acid – relieves dehydration and or sensitive skin
  • Oligopeptide – brightens hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone
  • Niacinamide – controls and prevent adult acne breakouts

Two led friendly Gelloids:

  • The exothermal
  • The endothermal

The gelloids are layered over the IonActives to seal in active ingredients and provide therapeutic cooling or energising warming sensations on the skin.

After going through my consultation card Maeve performed a double cleanse and a level 2 exfoliation, which helps enable products better into skin. She then applied the niacinamide gel all over my face and neck and used a galvanic current to help push the product deeper into skin. Another layer of gel was then applied, which was lightly tapped into the skin.

Next a cooling masque was left on my skin for 15 minutes to seal in products and to really calm down the skin. Once the mask was on I received what was a lovely addition to the facial, a surprise touch therapy massage around shoulders, chest and arms.

Maeve also will tint eyelashes, file finger/toe nails and paint, but I still had gel nails and mink lashes on so unfortunately couldn’t avail of these bonus treatments.

Once the mask was removed my face was spritzed with toner, eye and lip cream was applied along with a moisturizer and SPF 50.

The benefits of the gel:
  • Hydrates, soothes and cools the skin
  • Provides antioxidant protection against photo damage
The benefits of the mask:
  • Fights Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria
  • Inhibits the build up of dead cells and bacteria in pores and follicles
  • Reduces redness
In total the treatment lasts 45 mins and you will have visible results straight away. It costs €80 per treatment with a discount if you book 3 treatments. Recommendation is 3 treatments every 2 weeks apart.

I have just had the one IonActive System facial and followed up with the recommended products (pictured below) for a month.

The products I have been using, and continue to use, for my daily routine are:

Meet Dermalogica products – consisting of gel cleanser, microfoliant, moisturizer and eye cream.

(all products linked to buy on

I also applied the Solar Defence Booster SPF 50 to my face everyday and would use the Daily Resurfacer, which is a little adorable exfoliating mit for your finger you apply and leave on for the day/night, on days when I may have a small break out or uneven skin. These sachets were samples for me to try, but I have linked to the actual product above. 

To ensure I gave a legitimate review of this treatment and products I used only these products for my skin care regime for the past month. I can honestly say that I have already seen a substantial difference in my skin.

My breakouts are minimal and last half the time with the continued use of these products. I did however experience a small break out a week after the facial, but it was due to hormones and again my blemishes didn’t last very long as the products worked their magic on them. Redness is visibly reduced and I have been that much more confident in my skin that I have gone barefaced on a number of occasions without feeling self-conscious about my redness/acne scarring.

If you are in the County Louth area I would highly recommend visiting Maeve Hollywood Make Up for this treatment. She is very inviting, friendly and professional. An aspect of the treatment that really struck me was the bonus treatments whilst waiting on the mask to work and that Maeve never leaves the room once the treatment begins. In my opinion there is nothing worse than being left in a room for 15 minutes while you wait for a mask to work. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience. It is one treatment that if, like me, you suffer from acne or redness it is worth investing in.

Maeve Hollywood Make Up’s Social Media Links (check her out!)Capture

*Disclaimer: This is not an ad, I paid for the treatment myself. I informed Maeve that I would be writing a blog about the treatment and asked for the steps so I could write and informative and detailed review, which she kindly proceeded. I like to promote businesses that I have personally had a good experience with. 

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