My Fitness Journey – Shedding Holiday Gains

In the run up to your summer holidays it’s all about eating clean and hitting the gym to ensure your body is bikini ready, check out my Florida Fitness Prep post, but if like me you overindulged on holidays (as you should) you may have come home with more than tan lines to worry about.

Yes! I’m talking about holiday weight gain. Personally the scales aren’t showing much of a gain, but physically I can see I have lost muscle and my bloated stomach just hasn’t gone away….a month later. Instead of getting straight back to the gym and my normal healthy eating regime I have continued to indulge and as a result feel lethargic, bloated, insecure and my jeans digging into me.

As many of you will know, after a break from the gym it is terrifying going back. You feel you are back to square one, dread not feeling as strong as you once were and are generally unmotivated. This is why I am introducing ‘My Fitness Journey – Shedding Holiday Gains’ as a weekly post, hopefully it will keep me on track.

Each week I will share with you my diet, workout regime and my measurements (eeek!). This isn’t a six week or eight week challenge, I haven’t set myself any sort of time frame, as for me it is all about getting back into a sustainable routine. From past experiences I have found from setting myself targets and goals each week, I can be incredibly hard on myself if I do not hit them. Getting fit and losing weight is no walk in the park and is meant to be challenging, but it is also supposed to have a positive affect on you mentally. If I missed a target I would be angry at myself and down until the next weigh in, which is not the name of the game here. I want to enjoy my journey, enjoy my workouts, even when it burns, and not associate any negative thoughts with my progressing.

Also in this series I will throwback to where my fitness journey really started, in 2012 when I weighed 101/2st. This is something you do not want to miss! I still show pictures of myself from back then and a lot of the time they ask ‘who is that’ when I say ‘It’s ME!’ the response is generally a very polite, ‘well you look great now’.

I’m not trying to preach that I am the ULTIMATE transformation, I still love my junk food and takeaways, I simply want to share with you what works for me and keep myself motivated.

I love to cook, so recipes will feature heavily and I would love to hear from you. If you have any tips and tricks in the kitchen feel free to share. I always strive to provide an open platform on this blog, be it to talk about hair loss, fitness, anxiety, fashion or anything I write about.

They say never start something on a Monday, but why the hell not? The first day getting back on the proverbial horse is always the hardest, but as ever when trying to lose weight, build muscle or work on your stamina, each day you are one step closer to your goal. Today is that day for me! Wish me luck!


*Disclaimer – I am in no way a qualified nutritionist, dietitian or gym instructor, always consult a professional when starting a new diet or workout regime 

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