Slieve Gullion Forest Park – Where The Magic Of Fairies And Giants Come Alive

Slieve Gullion Forest Park is a bewitching park in the Ring of Gullion, South Armagh. It is a place where the magic of Fairies and Giants comes to life. This scenic adventure offers a fun free family day out for children and adults of all ages. The route takes roughly an hour to complete as you venture through the woodland and inspect the various enchanting elements and craftwork on display.

The Giants Lair is the main attraction where you enter at your own peril and begin a journey through the mystical history of the park. Throughout the walk you will be greeted by apparel that the Giants have left behind. The Giant’s ‘dandelion’ tea cups, table and chairs, even their “Giant Book Of Fairy Tales” lie sporadically along the path.

The Fairy Village offers you an insight into the life of a fairy and showcases their intricate homes within the trees. From the Toothfairy to the Fashion fairy, the Book fairy to the Trickster fairy, you could spend your day discovering all their different homes.

The Watcher fairy is a particular fairy you must visit. Her home can be found with money and soothers strewn outside her door. People leave them as a gift in return for her to keep a watchful eye over them.

The Fairy Kingdom allows you to enter into one of the larger fairy abodes. This quaint tree-house is equipped with bulging branches and trunks with connecting rope bridges. You can venture through the house and across the bridge, but be warned it gets cosy, it is made for fairies after all.

Just as you think the trail has gone cold another wooden sign pops up directing you to the next magical encounter. The breathtaking views add to the spellbinding experience Slieve Gullion has to offer.

Proceed with caution as the Giants have also left behind a witch, the Cailleach Beara, who has been turned to stone and buried within the mountain!

The land of music is another enchanting feature where you can interact with musical pipes and a giant wooden xylophone.

On your travels don’t forget to pay the Talking Tree a visit. She is intricately woven and will let you pass through her if you are nice enough. Be sure to listen carefully because you might just hear her whisper hello!

There is ample parking, a stunning courtyard with restaurant and toilet facilities and an Adventure Playpark that caters to adults and children alike. The playpark has a host of activities such as slides, climbing frames, swings, mazes and a zipwire. With an adult outdoor workout area, just in case you fancy getting a quick session in while the kids run amuck.

If it is a dull day, have no fear as it couldn’t possible dampen this charming park. In the case of the heavens opening on your trip there is also the option of a scenic driving route, with an audio guide available to immerse you in the history of the park.

This park is a definite must, even if you don’t have little ones.

AJ x

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