Friday Announcement!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Have you got that Friday feeling yet? I most certainty have as I have some exciting news to announce!

I have teamed up with Smag31 as a guest author!!! If you haven’t already heard of them check them out here. I will be providing selected pieces from my blog for Smag31 and their readers.

smag logo
Smag31 “All Women Have A Story Worth Telling”

They are a site for women and discuss women in business, real life pieces, parenting, everyday tips, inspiring content and content that highlights important topics women face.

Their motto is “All women have a story worth telling” and I couldn’t be more honored or excited to be apart of this fantastic team.
As my blog is still in its infancy, it was a bit of a surprise to have been contacted by Smag31, but the future looks bright and it has only ignited more drive to produce content that you lovely people will enjoy.

Here’s to a new collaboration and a new venture for AoifeJane xx

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